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Bridging the Relationship Gap: Connecting with Children Facing Adversity

Bridging the Relationship Gap: Connecting with Children Facing Adversity

Author: Sara E. Langworthy
Product Code: 543888
ISBN: 9781605543888
Format: Softbound
Publisher: Redleaf Press®
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Connect with children facing adversity

Relationships play an important role in human development, especially in the first years of life. Bridging the Relationship Gap provides tools and encouragement to be the strong, positive, and nurturing adult these children need in order to thrive.

Learn more about the factors that contribute to the achievement and relationship gap including ecological, biological, and cultural differences. Most importantly, find many tools and resources to help you more effectively deal with the tough situations and become each child's strongest ally.200 pages
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Review by: Raquel Cowell, St. Norbert College - August 3, 2015
Dr. Langworthy's book provides an accessible path for the caregivers in the lives of children subject to harsh realities. It is not a simple thing to illustrate the innocence of childhood and the pain of trauma and loss in the same pages. Yet Dr. Langworthy melds the current research from the field of developmental psychology with the realities faced by those on the ground working directly with children and families who have experienced hardship. Her education at a top program in developmental psychology and her current experience in the public policy arena allows for a broader perspective on how adversity faced in childhood influences development.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who would like a clearer understanding of how to effectively care for children who have experienced trauma in their lives.
Review by: Judy Myers, University of Minnesota - August 3, 2015
Dr. Langworthy’s most recent book is a beautifully written work that offers early childcare providers insightful information for building relationships and caring for young children who have experienced early trauma. The book’s organization and flow enhance its well-defined explanations of child development and behavioral responses to trauma that may disrupt normal development. Chapters include real-life case examples and interventions as well as questions and answers that are informed by research and practice.
Langworthy translates science and research into language that is clear and comprehensible. Inspiring quotes begin each chapter and set the stage for her hopeful messages to child care professionals. Hope is never more evident than when she states “…the beauty of being human is that we constantly evolve and change. We have experiences every day that … help us rebuild what was broken and rediscover what was lost. We … are never irreparably broken because our brains and bodies are built to change and adapt … which makes the earliest years of life the most full of hope.”
Review by: Momo Hayakawa, University of Minnesota - July 30, 2015
Sara Langworthy has written a well-researched, easily digestible book, describing psychological constructs with real life examples in conjunction with practical recommendations. This would be an excellent book for practitioners as well as early childhood policy makers who should understand why children behave the way they do under stress and how we can support these children.
Review by: Mary Harrison, University of Minnesota - July 29, 2015
Dr. Langworthy weaves research findings into practice scenarios in a highly accessible and fluid way. She also provides helpful, vivid metaphors to describe complex developmental processes. Throughout the book, Dr. Langworthy follows her presentation of research with clear guidance on ways to incorporate this learning into everyday interactions with children experiencing adversity. This book will be a valuable resource for early childhood professionals or anyone working with young children and families.
Review by: Sara Benning, University of Minnesota School of Public Health - July 26, 2015

Relationships are everything, and no one understands this more than early care professionals. The author of Bridging the Relationship Gap skillfully blends research and stories to illustrate just how critical strong relationships are for our youngest citizens. Using a blend of real-life examples and evidence-based practices, the author shares a consistent message of hope: when children have access to caring, supportive adults, their trajectories can change despite adverse experiences. Bridging the Relationship Gap is an ideal book for early care professionals in training, seasoned professionals interested in deepening their trauma-informed work, or supervisors looking to introduce trauma-sensitive practices and policies at the organizational level.?

Review by: Cathy Jordan, University of Minnesota - July 20, 2015
With Bridging the Relationship Gap, Sara Langworthy offers early childhood care providers evidence-based information, inspiration and practical guidelines to increase understanding, empathy and skills in working with children who have experienced loss or trauma. Sara creatively weaves stories of children, parents and other adult caregivers with seminal and current research explained in engaging ways. With wisdom, insight and humor, Sara provides us with clear explanations of how children and adolescents develop, how the brain works and how adult-child relationships provide the context in which children develop and all other learning occurs. After reading this book, early childhood care providers will embrace the important role they provide in the lives of children facing adversity. Sara offers care providers a book of hope, encouragement and insight, and to children facing adversity, the gift of adult caregivers with increased capacity to understand where they come from, why they act the way they do and how to connect with them in ways that foster resilience.
Review by: Anita Larson, Early Learning Services, MN Dept of Education - July 17, 2015
Bridging the Relationship Gap is a clear, accessible, and compassionate guide for anyone who cares for young children. Dr. Langworthy offers numerous practical caregiving tools that are based on the most recent research on early brain development science, which she also clearly articulates for a mainstream reader. The emphasis on context, culture, and trauma in relation to child behavior is grounded in theory but delivered with empathy, encouraging all who love and care for young children to focus not on “what is wrong” with their behavior but “what happened” in their experience to produce behaviors, which are simply adaptations. Reasonable and pragmatic suggestions for supporting children who are experiencing homelessness, the incarceration of a parent, foster care, and a variety of other traumatic, and sadly common experiences, are offered. This is a wonderful guide that I hope many current and new caregivers will reference in their work.”
Review by: Rebecca Shlafer, University of Minnesota - July 16, 2015

Bridging the Relationship Gap considers the complexities of caregiver-child relationships and the challenging worlds in which many children develop. This book is a beautiful blend of research and reality, and provides practitioners with essential information about how to best support the children in their care.

Review by: Karen Cadigan - July 15, 2015
The simple everyday interactions between young children and adults are powerful beyond appearance, and here Langworthy captures ways in which teachers can harness that power. This book is a beautiful and practical description of the ways in which young children are not just short elementary kids, and it highlights the importance of attachment and relationships in learning all content knowledge. In some ways, its' bringing the field back to our roots: relationships are the thing that allow school readiness skills to grow.

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