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416901 (Book and Poster Set)
416901 (Book and Poster Set)
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Learn how to integrate American Sign Language (ASL) into your classroom to enhance the academic, social, and emotional development of children, and how to respectfully introduce children to Deaf culture. As a form of early communication for infants and toddlers, or as a transitioning tool for children just beginning to speak, the benefits of signing with hearing children are endless.

Sign to Learn is a comprehensive, fully illustrated curriculum. The book contains captivating activities and lesson plans grouped by themes, including feelings, food, seasons, animals, songs, and families. It features strategies for using sign language with children with special needs or those in multilingual classrooms; it also describes how ASL can assist you in developing a literacy program and in managing your classroom.

In addition to the book, this set includes the most practical and commonly used signs on an attractive poster. Teachers and children alike will use the instructive reminders daily.