About the Author:

Celeste Delaney grew up in New Zealand, where much of life is lived outdoors. As a child she loved playing at the beach, reading, playing piano, writing stories, and drawing. She left New Zealand after earning a degree in occupational therapy and has since lived and worked in many countries including the United States, India, Malaysia, China, and Mexico. Celeste enjoys traveling, teaching, art projects, and writing. She works as an occupational therapist with children, which challenges her to be patient and flexible and rewards her with smiles, hugs, and the joy of seeing children grow and learn. Celeste lives near Portland, Oregon, with her husband Chris.

Celeste Delaney 's Books

  • ABC Ready for School: An Alphabet of Social Skills

    Author: Celeste Delaney   Illustrated by: Stephanie Fizer Coleman

    Product Code:
    981746 (Hardcover)
    9781631981746 (Hardcover)
    Age Focus: 3-6
    Full Color

    Description & More Details

    This friendly and reassuring alphabet book helps young children (and those who care for them) consider, explore, and discuss a wide range of skills related to school readiness. Hardcover, 40 pages

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