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Establish and enforce contracts and polices with families.

The fourth edition of the business classic Family Child Care Contract and Policies offers the most comprehensive, up-to-date tools for family child care needs to establish and enforce contracts and policies and to demonstrate provider professionalism. Sample and customizable contracts and policy handbooks available online with book purchase, and replaces previous edition’s CD-ROM.

Family Child Care Contracts & Policies, Fourth Edition will help providers better communicate with parents and reduce conflicts.

Family Child Care Contracts and Policies explains:

  • How to establish good business relationships with parents
  • What to look for before signing contracts with parents
  • The vital information to include in contracts and policies
  • How to prevent conflicts with parents
  • When and how to end a contract

Family Child Care Contracts and Policies offers expanded and updated information on:
  • Handling rates, late payments, and other fees in your contract
  • Resolving disputes with clients
  • Enforcing your contract
  • Writing comprehensive policies
  • Terminating a contract

184 pages

About Tom Copeland

Tom Copeland is the nation’s leading expert on the business of family child care. A renowned tax and child care business specialist and licensed attorney, Tom received his BA from Macalester College, more..

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