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Family Child Care Homes: Creative Spaces for Children to Learn

Family Child Care Homes: Creative Spaces for Children to Learn

Author: Linda J. Armstrong
Product Code: 540757
ISBN: 978-1-60554-075-7
Format: Softbound
Publisher: Redleaf Press®
Softbound $49.95 Qty: 

Create a warm and inviting place where children feel at home.
Discover the many ways your home can provide comfortable places where children love to learn and love to be. Filled with no- and low-cost ideas, this book demonstrates many unique and practical possibilities for your home's indoor and outdoor spaces. Chapters are packed with full-color photographs and provide examples and tips for designing learning zones, selecting items, organizing materials, and more. Checklists, resources, and questions are included to help you evaluate your setting, implement changes, and create a place that feels like a second home to the children in your care.

“Finally, a resource for family child care providers who want to keep the feeling of home in family child care. The author's commitment to family child care environments as warm and inviting spaces—where both children and adults are comfortable and where learning happens all the time—is obvious. The questions posed throughout the book are guaranteed to help providers think about their environment creatively; the photographs are gorgeous and will spark readers' creativity in their own programs. What a wonderful new resource for family child care providers.”
—Barbara Sawyer, Director of Special Projects
National Association for Family Child Care

Softbound, 216 pgs.

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by Tessa Amato
on 9/26/2011
CCR&R Child Care Consultant
This book has been an amazing resource for both the new and experienced family child care providers I work with!  The pictures and ideas highlight the attainability that all providers, no matter their budget,  can create safe and inviting spaces for children to learn.
by Shirley Rempel
on 8/10/2011
Fabulous Resource
With absolutely stunning photos, featuring family child care programs and setups, you will be inspired to create spaces that will set up learning and fun for all children.

 Family Child Care Homes: Creative Spaces For Children To Learn is a must have for any family child care provider. Not only is it loaded with full color photos, but also includes a fantastic appendix with reproducible forms for planning your place spaces, materials inventory and more. You will find photos on virtually every page of this book, and I love this. It is truly inspiring. You will find lists of what materials should be in each play area to allow for optimal learning. 

 A Family Child Care program does not have to be expensive to set up. One thing that I loved about this book was the various tips and ideas for setting up an economic play space. I know for myself, I have saved hundreds of dollars through buying items second hand and I love the way my program has turned out, but most importantly I know my children and the family child care children I teach love it! I also really loved the section on outdoor play spaces, as this is an area I know I have not taken full advantage of. I have a huge yard and have been inspired by the many ideas I have seen in Armstrong's book. 
by Sherry Patterson
on 8/2/2011
Child Development Consultant
This is a beautiful and very useful book. If you are a family child care provider or someone who helps providers, it would be a big help. The colorful pictures truly show how warm, friendly and fun a family child care home can be. The content is easy to follow and hits the topics we need to know when preparing a family child care environment that is optimal for children's learning and safety. I also liked the Appendix information, for example, the one for new providers and the health and safety guidelines. This is a must have book for family child care personnel of all descriptions!! 
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Review: NAEYC's Teaching Young Children - April 1, 2012
While Armstrong’s advice on environment setup is directed to family child care providers, this book can help any teacher who feels environmental changes are needed to meet children’s interests. Along with design suggestions, Armstrong offers classroom assessment tools, such as checklists and questions to help teachers evaluate the characteristics of their current learning environment.
Review by: Research Book News, October 2011 edition of Research Book News - October 1, 2011
Armstrong, an international educational consultant for child and youth programs, helps family child care providers retain their homestyle atmosphere while creating learning environments that are conducive to the setting. Using many color photos, she illustrates how to arrange furniture, store materials, declutter the space, and select items. She discusses color, lighting, patterns, and texture; storage; room arrangements; designing for children with special needs; various learning zones; outdoor play area design and accessibility; and health and safety guidelines. No index is supplied. (Annotation©2011 Book News Inc. Portland, OR)
Review by: Young Children, July 2011 issue of Young Children, published by NAEYC - July 1, 2011
Armstrong, an experienced family child care professional, shows providers how to design inviting learning environments that meet the unique needs of family child care. This book is based on the author’s observation that family child care environments have lost the feeling of “home” as they are increasingly set up as generic, mini child development centers. Armstrong highlights the advantages of offering care and education in a home. She presents strategies for creating indoor and outdoor spaces that capture the intimacy and warmth of home and invite children to explore and try out their ideas.   The author helps providers understand how the physical environment influences the behavior and mood of the children and adults who use. It. She describes the basic elements of design and demonstrates how to use color, texture, lighting, and patterns to promote relaxation and calmness in some areas and excitement and active engagement in others. Vivid color photographs of family child care settings visually communicate the practical suggestions for selecting, organizing, storing, and arranging materials and furniture and for setting up rich outdoor learning spaces in yards, patios, and porches. The author addresses the challenges of serving a range of ages and adapting to limited time, space, and money through topics such as avoiding clutter, setting up multiuse learning areas, and providing a quiet space when a child might need to be alone.

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