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Support children during their earliest, most critical years

Infants, toddlers, and two-year-olds grow best when they are loved, cared for, and valued as unique individuals. This book will help you provide children with high-quality care in a responsive learning environment. You will learn how to apply theories of child development to your own practices, build strong relationships with children, and support their social-emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development. You will also learn how your role in the lives of young children makes a tremendous difference in their growth and development.

The strategies and tips inside reflect six key principles:

  • Responsive caregiving is essential to children's growth and development
  • Trust is the cornerstone of healthy relationships
  • Children need stable and secure early care and learning environments
  • Children are ready and eager to learn
  • Play is central to children's learning
  • Responsive caregivers collaborate with families to support children's growth and development

Put these practices into action and support early learning with Activities for Responsive Caregiving: Infants, Toddlers, and Twos.

200 pages

About Jean Barbre

Jean Barbre, EdD, holds a master's degree in child and family studies from California State University Long Beach, a master's degree in counseling from California State University Fullerton, and a more..