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Sheep in a Jeep
Author: Nancy E Shaw   Illustrated by: Margo Apple
Price: $7.95
In the Wind
Author: Elizabeth Spurr   Illustrated by: Manelle Oliphant
Price: $6.95
Little Home Bird
Author: Jo Empson
Price: $13.95
The Jar of Happiness
Author: Ailsa Burrows
Price: $10.95
A Teacher's Promise
Author: Rachel Robertson   Illustrated by: Priscilla Prentice
Price: $16.95
Just Because I Am
Author: Lauren Murphy Payne   Illustrated by: Melissa Iwai
Price: $6.97
Why Do Leaves Change Color?
Author: Betsy Maestro   Illustrated by: Loretta Krupinski
Price: $6.95
Wisteria Jane
Author: Amber Harris   Illustrated by: Ard Hoyt
Price: $16.95
Voices are Not for Yelling
Author: Elizabeth Verdick   Illustrated by: Marieka Heinlen
Price: $8.95
Last Stop on Market Street
Author: Matt De La Pena   Illustrated by: Christian Robinson
Price: $17.95
No Two Alike
Author: Keith Baker
Price: $7.95
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