Learning Words for Feelings

8-12 Months

FromInfant-Toddler Social Studies,  Carla B. Goble

What to have Magazines, cardboard, scissors, glue stick or tape.

What to do Cut pictures from magazines of people’s facial expressions. Laminate the photographs on heavy cardboard and make a simple feelings book. Sit with an infant and look at the feelings book. Wait for him to look, point, and make his own facial expression and sounds. Point to the faces and facial features in the picture and name the feeling that the person is exhibiting, such as, “She is happy. See her big smile?” Teach words for different feelings, such as mad, sad, afraid, excited, and frustrated.

Why To promote language and communication development. To promote the ability to use words to express feelings.

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By Carla B. Goble Copyright 2018 8-12 Months

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