Come to Me

Birth-6 Months

FromActivities for Responsive Caregiving,  Jean Barbre

What to have – Small toys or objects that will interest an infant, such as noise-making or brightly colored toys Suggested Books – Caillou Moves Around by Christine L’Heureux – First Steps by Lee Wardlaw – I Can by Helen Oxenbury – Ready, Set, Walk! by Warner Brothers – Wiggle and Move by Sanja Rescek

What to do To encourage an infant who is not yet crawling to crawl to you, begin by laying him on his tummy. Sit a short distance away from him and set the toy next to you. Say his name and invite him to crawl to you and get the toy. Be sure to reinforce his efforts as he attempts to crawl. If he reaches you, give him the toy and encourage him to explore it. Read the suggested books, introduce the vocabulary words, and sing and chant with the infant.

Why LEARNING OUTCOMES Social-Emotional Development – Sense of self – Personal identity Physical Development - Gross-motor skills – Perception Cognitive Development - Spatial awareness – Cause and effect – Following simple directions Language Development – Receptive language – Concept words

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By Jean Barbre Copyright 2013 Birth-6 Months

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