Family Dolls

8-12 Months

FromInfant-Toddler Social Studies,  Carla B. Goble

What to have Soft dolls of children, mothers, fathers, and grandparents. Or fabric, stuffing, fabric crayons, and thread to make own dolls. Shoe box.

What to do Collect safe, soft dolls of children, mothers, fathers, and grandparents. If you are unable to find them, you can make simple dolls from fabric, such as muslin, filled with soft stuffing. Draw faces and hair on the dolls using safe fabric crayons (see instructions on the crayon box) or sew features on with thread that is securely attached so they do not present a choking hazard. Make dolls from different colors for a variety of skin tones. Sit with one or more infants and play with the dolls. Talk about families and name the dolls. For example, say, “This is the daddy doll.” Act out pretend activities: “Mommy is going to work. She is waving bye-bye.”

Why To promote feelings of belonging to a family. To provide play experiences with dolls.

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By Carla B. Goble Copyright 2018 8-12 Months

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