Taking a Tour of Our Building

4-8 Months

FromInfant-Toddler Social Studies,  Carla B. Goble

What to have Strollers

What to do Put the infants in strollers and take a tour of the inside of the school building. Select one area or room to visit at a time. Walk down the hall and look inside rooms as you pass. Take the infants on regular tour outings and consider taking them to visit the kitchen, a gym or large room for active indoor play, or other rooms they may not often visit. While on the tour, stop often, kneel beside the strollers, and point at what the infants are seeing. Name and talk about objects, people, and things.

Why To provide an opportunity to explore the building. To promote feelings of connectedness to the broader school community

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By Carla B. Goble Copyright 2018 4-8 Months

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