Collecting Rocks, Leaves, and Twigs


FromInfant-Toddler Social Studies,  Carla Goble

What to have Clear plastic bag to collect objects in nature

What to do Take a nature walk outside with the toddlers. Give each toddler a clear plastic bag to collect small rocks, leaves, or other objects found in nature. Write each toddler’s name on his bag with a permanent marker. As you walk, talk with the toddlers about the things they see. Encourage each toddler to add a few things to his bag. Back in the classroom, tape the bags of found nature objects on the wall or on a large display board at toddlers’ eye level.

Why - to promote the development of gross- and fine-motor skills - to promote cognitive development - to promote social development

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By Carla Goble Copyright 2018 2-Year

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