Find Our Friends


FromInfant-Toddler Social Studies,  Carla Goble

What to have No additional materials are needed for this activity.

What to do Play a variation of the game hide-and-seek with the toddlers to teach them the names of other children and to emphasize the value of friends and of each child in the classroom. Play the game with two toddlers to begin with and increase the number of children as they get older. Tell the children you are going to play Find Our Friends. Close your eyes and count to ten while the children hide. When you finish counting, say, “I am looking for my friends. Here I come.” As you find a child, say, “I found my friend Crystal. Now we are looking for our friend Max. Here we come.” Look for the other child. When you find him, say, “We found all our friends, Max and Crystal.” Play the game again.

Why - to promote cognitive development - to promote social development

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By Carla Goble Copyright 2018 2-Year

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