My Family and Pets


FromInfant-Toddler Social Studies,  Carla Goble

What to have Photographs of children, their home, and their pets Photo albums for each child

What to do Ask families to bring photographs of themselves and their children, their home, pets, and special objects. Create a family photo album for each toddler. Label each family member, pet, and object in the album. For children whose home language is not English, include names and descriptions in both the home language and English. Sit with a child and let him go through his album and tell you about his family. Learn the names of objects pictured in the album in the child’s home language. Use descriptive words and questions to engage him in talking about himself and his family. Help him feel pride about himself and his family. Keep the photograph albums in a container on a low shelf or table where the children can look at them during playtime. Observe the toddlers to see how they describe themselves and their families to other children.

Why - to promote connections to family and pets - to promote the development of a positive sense of self

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By Carla Goble Copyright 2018 2-Year

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