Growing Taller

18-24 Months

FromInfant-Toddler Social Studies,  Carla Goble

What to have Large strip of paper

What to do Toddlers begin to get taller during this time, and they feel proud of how tall they are and what they can do. Put a large strip of paper on the wall to use as a place to measure each toddler’s height, writing the children’s names on the measurements. Talk with each toddler about how tall she is. After measuring all the children, encourage two or three toddlers to stand together with their backs to their measurements on the paper. Take a photograph of the toddlers by their measurements. Laminate the photograph onto cardboard and write each child’s name on the front. Make a classroom album of the photographs. Keep the album in an area where the toddlers can look at it during the day. Talk with the toddlers and call each child by name as you point to her photograph.

Why - to promote the development of a positive sense of self - to promote social development

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By Carla Goble Copyright 2018 18-24 Months

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