Making a Play House

12-18 Months

FromInfant-Toddler Social Studies,  Carla Goble

What to have Large cardboard boxes

What to do Collect some large cardboard boxes from an appliance or electronics store. Remove any sharp staples or pieces of metal. Cut windows and doors in the boxes to make several playhouses. Encourage the toddlers to go in and out of the box houses. Pretend that one toddler lives there and another comes to visit. Call each toddler by name and engage them in visiting one another in their box houses. Pretend and model how to knock on the door and how to ask, “May I come in?” Model other social interaction phrases, such as, “I had a nice visit with you” or “Thank you for letting me visit your house.” Learn greetings and other words in a toddler’s home language. Model these for the toddlers.

Why - to promote participation in a group classroom project - to promote feelings of competence - to promote feelings of connectedness to the classroom community

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By Carla Goble Copyright 2018 12-18 Months

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