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Sandra Heidemann


Sandra Heidemann's many roles in the early childhood field have included teaching in regular and therapeutic preschool classrooms, leading workshops, serving as past president of the Minnesota Association for the Education of Young Children, and co-directing a family support program. She is the classroom coordinator of Numbers Work!, an early math professional development initiative.

Sandra Heidemann's Books

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  • When Play Isn’t Fun: Helping Children Resolve Play Conflicts

    Authors: Sandra Heidemann, Deborah Hewitt
    Product Code: 543055
    ISBN: 9781605543055

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    Published by Redleaf Press free sample When Play Isn't Fun

    Play is essential for children's development and as they learn life skills. But some children face challenges when playing with others, and conflicts can erupt over sharing toys, taking turns, and feeling left out. Despite those moments, children want to play together. With your support and guidance, children can learn how to engage in productive play, resolve struggles, and enjoy group play.

    Age focus: 3-5. Softbound, 88 pgs.

  • When Play Isn't Fun / Easy Set

    Authors: Sandra Heidemann, Deborah Hewitt
    Product Code: 543147
    ISBN: 978-1-60554-314-7

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    Published by Redleaf Press

    Play is vital to children's overall healthy development. Play can be fun, but sometimes it is painful or discouraging. Children might have difficulty joining play or participating in group play, or they might fight or feel left out. These books provide information to help you understand why play challenges occur, and they offer strategies to help children overcome them.

    Set includes one copy each of When Play Isn't Fun and When Play Isn't Easy.

  • The Thinking Teacher

    Authors: Sandra Heidemann, Beth Menninga, Claire Chang
    Product Code: 980213
    ISBN: 978-1-63198-021-3

    Description & More Details

    A Framework for Intentional Teaching in the Early Childhood Classroom

    Published by Redleaf Press

    Learn to teach with intention and rediscover your unique purpose and passion for teaching young children. Use in-depth self-assessment and reflection to reexamine your teaching philosophy, integrate new knowledge and strategies, and strengthen the impact of your teaching on students.

    Age focus: 0–5. Softbound, 192 pgs.

    Co-published with Free Spirit Publishing

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