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Gaye Gronlund, MA


Gaye GronlundGaye Gronlund, MA, is an early childhood consultant and trains educators, administrators, and policy makers across the country. She is a former preschool, kindergarten, and primary teacher of both regular and special education. Gaye holds a master's degree in adult learning and early childhood education. She is the author of Saving Play, Focused Observations, Early Learning Standards and Staff Development, and Developmentally Appropriate Play.

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Gaye Gronlund, MA's Books

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  • Planning for Play, Observation, and Learning in Preschool and Kindergarten (e-book)

    Author: Gaye Gronlund, MA
    Product Code: 542508
    ISBN: 978-1-60554-250-8

    Description & More Details

    Published by Redleaf Press e-book

    Play is an important vehicle for learning in the early years. With intentional planning frameworks, Planning for Play, Observation, and Learning in Preschool and Kindergarten provides tools and strategies to organize and develop curriculum around high-level, purposeful play. Practical application techniques help you create a cycle of planning and observation as they use a play-based curriculum to help young children thrive in your classroom.

    Age focus: 3—6. e-book, 232 pgs.

  • Focused Observations 2E (e-book)

    Authors: Gaye Gronlund, MA, Gaye Gronlund, MA, Marlyn James MA, Marlyn James MA
    Product Code: 542515
    ISBN: 978-1-60554-251-5

    Description & More Details

    Published by Redleaf Press e-book

    Intentional teaching begins with focused observations and systematic documentation of children's learning and development. Focused Observations, Second Edition, explains why observation is one of the best methods to get to know each child well, track progress, and plan individualized curriculum. It also provides tools and techniques to help you strengthen your observations, create portfolios with rich documentation, and support each child. You will also learn how to share your findings with families and grow as an observer through review and reflection activities.

    An interactive CD-ROM with nineteen vignettes of children in action provide opportunities to practice observing children and capturing what you see.

    Age focus: 2-6. e-book, 232 pgs.

  • Make Early Learning Standards Come Alive, Second Edition: Connecting Your Practice and Curriculum to State Guidelines

    Author: Gaye Gronlund, MA
    Product Code: 543680
    ISBN: 978-1-60554-368-0

    Description & More Details

    Published by Redleaf Press

    Updated to reflect the continuing evolution of early learning standards, this book offers help and hints, support and clarification, and clear explanations of how you can make early learning standards come alive in your early childhood classroom or program. You'll find tools to communicate exactly how you are addressing children's learning as you plan for cognitive and foundational skill development, as well as suggestions to assess children's progress. Easy-to-read charts present information about each major content area or area of development and descriptions of what those standards might look like in classrooms. The charts also suggest activities and interactions to support a child as he or she makes the first attempts toward the standard, progresses toward it, and finally accomplishes the standard.

    Age focus: 3-5. Softbound, 184 pgs.

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