String Painting

18-24 Months

FromInfant and Toddler Experiences,  Fran Hast and Ann Hollyfield

What to have - Lengths of string about 12 inches long for each color of paint used; have extras available. (A “handle” may be made by taping one end of the string, but be aware that the toddlers may try to paint with it; it can draw attention away from the string manipulation.) - Washable powdered tempera paint in various colors. - Glue. - Liquid starch. - Paper of various sizes, shapes, and colors. - Wax paper or plastic lids to place strings on between uses. - Spray bottles and towels for clean up. - Smocks or paint shirts. - Shallow bowls or trays for the paint.

What to do - Mix the washable powdered tempera with water, glue, or starch to a fairly thick (pudding-like) consistency. The first time you do this experience, you may have to experiment a bit to find the thickness that works for you. - Put each color of paint in a shallow bowl or pan so it’s easy to dip strings into it. - Set up space for four toddlers to paint at a table. Have several lengths of string and colors of paint and paper available so you can offer each toddler a choice of materials. - Have smocks or paint shirts ready, or plan to take children’s clothes off to keep them from getting paint-smeared. - As children come to the table to paint, explain that painting with string is another way to put paint onto the paper. - Allow the toddlers to choose the paint color, string, and paper they want to begin with. - Instead of trying to show them how to paint with the string, let them experiment and watch what they do.

Why Gives Toddlers practice in two-handed manipulation and hand-eye coordination

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By Fran Hast and Ann Hollyfield Copyright 1999 18-24 Months

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