Colored Glue

18-24 Months

FromInfant and Toddler Experiences,  Fran Hast and Ann Hollyfield

What to have - White, washable “school” glue. - Paper. - Liquid water color. - Bowl for mixing each color separately. - Brushes for applying glue, one for each color. - Collage materials for gluing: feathers, tissue, leaves, pom-poms, etc.

What to do - Gather collage materials, either in one central basket or bowl or in individual ones. - Pour about one-quarter cup of glue into each small mixing bowl. - Add drops of liquid color until desired color is reached. - Stir with a brush. - Offer each child a choice of paper to begin with. - Let each child choose a color of glue and collage materials to glue to the paper. - Respond to children’s attempts to stick things onto the paper, using phrases like these: -- “Where did you want that red piece?” -- -- “Try the glue first.” -- “How does it feel?” -- “What happened this time?”

Why To provide new experiences and interactions with new materials. To promote participation within the classroom community. Experiment with things that stick and things that don't.

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By Fran Hast and Ann Hollyfield Copyright 1999 18-24 Months

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