Collage of Faces

18-24 Months

FromInfant and Toddler Experiences,  Fran Hast and Ann Hollyfield

What to have - Photos of children’s faces cut from magazines or photos. - Choices of paper for gluing onto. - Glue in shallow bowls and brushes (water-soluble school glue aids clean–up). - Trays (approximately 12 by 18 inches).

What to do - Have the materials ready ahead of time. - Give each toddler a tray to focus his attention and contain the materials. Each tray should have a glue container, a brush, and the child’s choice of paper. - Let the children choose from many cutout faces accessible to them on the table. - Respond to the toddlers’ comments and reactions to the faces. Expand their recognition of physical characteristics with comments like “Yes, she has brown eyes like you do” or “That does look like Sami’s mom!” Don’t be afraid of questions about skin color or other visible physical differences, but respond matter-of-fact, using phrases like these: “Yes, her skin is lighter than yours” or “Those are hearing aids. He wears them to help him hear better.” - Help children with gluing if they ask you to, doing just enough to get them “unstuck” so they can complete it themselves.

Why Toddler will have specific tray to focused attention. Toddler is able to choose from materials at the table. The toddler builds language by using words to comment, respond and react to the faces he recognizes.

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By Fran Hast and Ann Hollyfield Copyright 1999 18-24 Months

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