Birth-6 Months

FromInfant and Toddler Experiences,  Fran Hast and Ann Hollyfield

What to have - Finger paint: use commercial paint or mix liquid starch and powdered or liquid tempera directly on the paper. - Smooth, slick paper. - Smocks or old T-shirts, if necessary. - Towels for clean-up. - Plastic to cover floor.

What to do - Have materials ready. - Remove children’s clothing if the room is warm enough. Put smocks or paint shirts on children to protect their clothes if necessary. - Put a piece of paper in front of each child and offer him his choice of paint color. Or pour 1 or 2 tablespoons of liquid starch on each child’s paper and offer him a choice of tempera color to add. - Let the children mix and move the finger paint. - Allow them their own experience, responding to their comments.

Why To provide new experiences and interactions with new materials. To promote participation within the classroom community.

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By Fran Hast and Ann Hollyfield Copyright 1999 Birth-6 Months

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