Liquid Sensory Bottles


FromBaby Steps to STEM,  Jean Barbre

What to have - several clean, empty 16.9- ounce clear plastic water bottles - water - a few small rocks, toys, or heavy balls that can fit inside the water bottles - vegetable oil - food coloring - funnel - scissors - colored duct tape - dish-washing soap, optional

What to do Getting Ready Fill each bottle three-quarters full with water. How To Place the plastic bottle on a flat surface and set the funnel on top. Toddlers or younger children can take turns holding the bottle while you pour vegetable oil through the funnel. Toddlers and twos can help pour the vegetable oil into the funnel with assistance. Drop food coloring in the bottle and then drop the rocks or heavy balls into the bottle. Ask the children to watch as the items fall through the funnel into the bottle. Cut the colored duct tape and seal the top securely. Let the children examine and shake the sensory bottle. Hint: If you wish to make a bubble sensory bottle, add 2 tablespoons of dish-washing soap. Be sure to closely supervise young children to make sure they don’t place small objects in their mouths.

Why Children will examine the physical properties of motion while observing objects as they sink or float inside the bottle.

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By Jean Barbre Copyright 2017 Preschool/KG

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