Hole in One

Birth-6 Months

FromBaby Steps to STEM,  Jean Barbre

What to have - large stacking rings - pegboards - sorting cubes or buckets

What to do Place either stacking rings or a pegboard in front of each child, along with some sorting cubes or buckets. Model how to place the rings on their post, the pegs in the pegboard, and rings and pegs into the sorting cubes or buckets. Talk about how there is a hole or space in the toy where the items are to be placed. At this age, the task for young children is to just explore how to place the rings, insert the pegs, or place the items into the sorting cube. Identify the colors and shapes being used, but don’t expect young children to get them in the correct order. Hint: Offer one toy at a time. Children will just be exploring the materials and gaining a sense of where to place items on the pegboard or stacking ring.

Why Children will experience understanding of number sense, operations, cause and effect, and one- to- one correspondence by playing with a pegboard or a stacking ring.

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By Jean Barbre Copyright 2017 Birth-6 Months

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