Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

12-18 Months

FromBaby Steps to STEM,  Jean Barbre

What to have - large framed mirror - drop cloth or plastic tablecloth - washable tempera paints - small plastic containers - paintbrushes

What to do Getting Ready Secure a large framed mirror either on a wall or against a wall. Place it where there is natural lighting for the children. Place a drop cloth or plastic tablecloth below the mirror. Place washable tempera paints in a small plastic containers. How To Children will be mixing colors to get new colors by painting on the mirror. They can use their hands or paintbrushes to paint. At first, the children will see their reflection in the mirror, but eventually, the mirror will be covered with paint. Hint: For young toddlers, use an acrylic mirror for this activity. The acrylic mirror is lighter and shatter resistant.

Why Children will gain an understanding of reflection and of blending and mixing colors. They will explore their senses as they paint with their hands.

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By Jean Barbre Copyright 2017 12-18 Months

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