Tummy Time Discovery Painting

Birth-6 Months

FromBaby Steps to STEM,  Jean Barbre

What to have - white piece of construction paper - colors of washable tempera paint - gallon resealable freezer bag - scissors - masking tape or duct tape

What to do Getting Ready Place drops of tempera paint on the paper. Place the paper in the freezer bag and seal it shut. Place tape on all four sides of the bag and securely tape it to the floor. How To Place the baby on a slight incline so the baby can reach the bag. Let the baby explore the bag and manipulate the paint. Warning: Babies can wiggle out of their tummy time spot, so keep an eye on them. Use a heavy-duty freezer bag and tape it securely to the floor. Tape it on a hard flooring surface rather than carpet.

Why Children will explore the physical properties of mixing colors as they use their hands to manipulate the paints inside a plastic freezer storage bag.

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By Jean Barbre Copyright 2017 Birth-6 Months

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