Musical Babies

Birth-6 Months

FromActivities for Responsive Caregiving,  Jean Barbre

What to have – CD player or MP3 player – CD or MP3 files of short children’s songs (or other short songs babies might enjoy) Suggested Books – Baby Mozart: Music Is Everywhere by Julie Aigner-Clark – Elmo’s World: Music! by Random House – Music: Discovering Musical Horizons by Brainy Baby Company – Music Play by H. A. Rey – Pat the Bunny: Shake, Shake, Bunny by Golden Books

What to do Music is an important part of early childhood programs because it can be used to enhance children’s learning across all developmental domains—not to mention that most babies enjoy listening and moving to music. This game is similar to Musical Chairs. While the music plays, carry and move with the infant around the room. When the music stops, stop moving. When the music starts again, resume moving. The more enthusiastic you are when stopping and starting, the more likely the baby will engage in the game as well. Read the suggested books, introduce the vocabulary words, and sing and chant with the infant.

Why LEARNING OUTCOMES Social-Emotional Development - Relationships with peers – Sense of self – Relationships with adults Physical Development – Gross-motor skills Cognitive Development – Cause and effect – Memory – Spatial awareness – Connecting experiences – Progression of play – Following simple directions Language Development - Engaging in music, rhythm, and rhyme – Receptive language – Expressive language – Using language in play

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By Jean Barbre Copyright 2013 Birth-6 Months

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