Eye Spy

Birth-6 Months

FromActivities for Responsive Caregiving,  Jean Barbre

What to have – Small, clear plastic containers with lids – Tray – Labels – Magnifying glass – An assortment of items to explore (such as small rocks, seashells, beans, buttons, feathers, and corks) Suggested Books – Black and White Rabbit’s ABC by Alan Baker – First 100 Words by Roger Priddy – Richard Scarry’s Best First Book Ever! by Richard Scarry

What to do Introduce one item at a time to the children. Place each one on a tray to provide a neutral background, and let the children examine them. Describe what they are seeing and feeling. Sort items, place each group in a clear plastic container, and secure the lid tightly. Place a label on each container identifying its contents. Let the children pick up the containers, shake them, and look at the items by rotating the containers. Talk to them about what they’re seeing and hearing. Read the suggested books and introduce the vocabulary words to the children.

Why LEARNING OUTCOMES Social-Emotional Development – Sense of self – Personal identity – Relationships with adults – Relationships with peers – Sharing Physical Development – Perception – Fine-motor skills Cognitive Development - Progression of play – Cause and effect – Memory – Spatial awareness – Number awareness Language Development - Expressive language – Receptive language – Connecting words with real-world knowledge – Concept words – Engaging in print

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By Jean Barbre Copyright 2013 Birth-6 Months

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