The Body Song

18-24 Months

FromToddlers Moving and Learning,  Rae Pica

What to have “The Body Song” (Length 2:11)—CD Track 18

What to do Read each line of the following poem as slowly as necessary to allow the children ample time to respond—but not enough time to let boredom overtake those who respond more quickly. Show me you can touch your toes, Then bring your hand up to your nose. Put a smile upon your face, Do it all in your own space! Bring your elbows to your knees, Then shake all over, if you please. Straighten up with hands on hips. Can you pucker up those lips? Touch your ankle with your hand. Upon one foot can you now stand? Wiggle fingers in the air. Shake your hips now, if you dare. Close your eyes, then open quick. Around your lips let your tongue lick. With your shoulders you can shrug. Give yourself a great big hug!

Why Child learns to identify body parts. Child practices listening skills and can respond to the challenge presented in the poem.

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By Rae Pica Copyright 2014 18-24 Months

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