Noah Chases the Wind wins silver medal in the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards 



Noah Chases the Wind was chosen as a silver medalist in the 2015 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards! These awards encompass all that Redleaf Press strives for in our books and brings together a stellar selection of children’s book year after year. The Moonbeam Awards were founded nine years ago “to bring increased recognition to exemplary children’s books and their creators, and to support childhood literacy and life-long reading.”

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Noah Chases the Wind, Moonbeam Award


Loose Parts and Brain Insights win Tillywig and Toy Media Brain Child Awards

Loose Parts: Inspiring Play in Young Children and the Brain Insights Cards are winners of the Brain Child award in the Tillywig Toy and Media Awards. The Tillywig Toy and Media Awards are awarded to products for children based on ease of first use, replay value, quality, social interaction, creativity, and use of motor skills. 

Loose Parts
"What this book does, in addition to demonstrating the immense educational and developmental benefits afforded by loose parts, is to provide a framework that guides and inspires parents and educators to make full use of what they have to offer. Its pages are rich in clear ideas and beautiful photographs. Above all, this is a book about the essential value of creativity, the many forms it takes, and the ease with which children can achieve remarkable heights of learning through play with simple objects that abound in our everyday lives." 
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Loose Parts, Brain Child winner

Brain Insights Cards
"Having these cards at your fingertips is like having a parenting road map to your child's emotional, physical, and intellectual needs. The sheer variety and interactivity available within each card deck makes it a simple matter to spice your days with playful parent-child experiences that do a great deal to promote your child's well-being." 
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Brain Insights, Brain Child winner


The Comfort of Little Things wins silver medal in Living Now Book Awards from Independent Publisher



Holly Elissa Bruno’s newest book, The Comfort of Little Things: An Educator’s Guide to Second Chances has won the silver medal in the personal growth and motivation category of the Living Now book awards. This award program is designed to “honor those kinds of life-changing books” and “celebrate the innovation and creativity of books that enhance the quality of life”.

We see the amazing work teachers do daily and how they enhance the quality of life for every child and student they come in contact with. This honor brings that recognition to a wider audience and shows the valuable insights the profession can bring to all of us as students of life.

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The Comfort of Little Things, Living Now winner

Creating a Beautiful Mess reviewed by Library Journal



"Early childhood educator Gadzikowski offers a charming book on play, outlining the various types, importances thereof, a historical look back, and ideas for implementation. Arguing that “the concept of balance in children’s play experiences is similar to the concept of nutritional balance,” the author provides ten essential play experiences for a “balanced and joyous childhood.” While educators categorize play into domains of development—and parents think in terms of its when and where—Gadzikowski’s arrangement represents a child’s experience. VERDICT From blocks and make-believe to turn-taking games and stories with toys, this work’s encouraging and gentle perspective is sure to motivate even the most authoritarian parent. Warmly recommended for all messy mischief makers."—Library Journal

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Creating a Beautiful Mess

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Wisteria Jane reviewed by Publisher's Weekly and Kirkus Reviews



Wisteria Jane Redleaf Lane's Wisteria Jane was recently reviewed by big names Publisher's Weeklyand Kirkus Reviews. In her first adventure, Wisteria Jane learns how to be a thoughtful friend as she hones the skill of being honest without adding the "not so nice" truths she is so tempted to share.

"A little girl who takes telling the truth too far learns to temper her tongue and make up with a friend. A valuable lesson..."—Kirkus Reviews

"Debut author Harris introduces Wisteria Jane, an inquisitive girl with springy blonde curls, gangly limbs, a gap between her front teeth, and a folksy narrative voice (“My momma named me Wisteria on account of wisteria being her most favorite flower”). . . . Hoyt creates a peaceful suburban neighborhood bursting with vegetation and brings a caricatured aesthetic to the characters that matches Wisteria’s big personality. . . . a good-natured sense of humor helps carry it along." —Publisher's Weekly

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When You Just Have to Roar! reviewed by School Library Journal



When You Just Have to Roar! Redleaf Lane's When You Just Have to Roar! was recently reviewed by School Library Journal. This book is about the ways one teacher helps her students practice managing emotions and behaviors that make everyone happier. Read the book to children to introduce and reinforce these important concepts and support their development of emotional control and self-regulation.

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Local book helping refugee children in Syria have a brighter future



Making It Better Local publisher Redleaf Press was recently contacted by Syria Bright Future Chairman Omar Said Yousef regarding the use of one of their books in training for volunteers assisting in Syrian refugee camps. The book, Making It Better: Activities for Children Living in a Stressful World, explains trauma-informed education that recognizes the effects of trauma on children and how to create interactions that support their growth and healing.

The book has been provided along with other resources free of charge to assist in their efforts working with the children and parents in northern Syria. Assisting families that have been displaced from their homes, experienced violence, and witnessed horrible acts, the team is focused on psychological first aid, support groups, stress managment, and mental well-being. They have taken on a large task in a region still facing unrest and we are honored to be helping in their efforts, however we can.
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Local author invited to help create next season of Sesame Street



Redleaf Press author Judith Anne Rice, resident of Maplewood, was recently invited to take part in the Sesame Street Workshop panel to plan the new season's content. This honor is bestowed on a few experts each year who are tapped to provide the writers and producers insight into the chosen topic.

The new season of Sesame Street will teach children the importance of being kind to one another and themselves. Mrs. Rice's book, The Kindness Curriculum, was chosen by the producers for its ability to make being kind an activity that children can practice and have fun with.

Sesame Street has seen the importance of teaching kindness in our ever expanding digital world of anonymity and bullying. Judith Rice is excited to be a part of this panel in June and we look forward to seeing what the creative minds at Sesame Street come up with to teach a new generation the importanceof compassion.
The Kindess Curriculum
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Meet The Comfort of Little Things author Holly Elissa Bruno at 2015 NAEYC PDI 



Holly Elissa Bruno's book signing invite
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When You Just Have to Roar! and Noah Chases the Wind receive rave reviews from Kirkus Reviews 



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All the Colors We Are and The Amazing Erik are Learning® Magazine 2015 Teacher’s Choice‚Ą† winners


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