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  • Daily Lesson Planner

    Author: Redleaf Press
    Product Code: 112501
    ISBN: 978-1-933653-80-8

    Description & More Details

    Schedule your day with this planning aid. It reflects NAEYC accreditation criteria and has space to conveniently keep track of activities, learning centers, and more. The planner is on a six-day per week cycle. 3 tablets, 3-hole punched, each with 60 pages—a six month's supply.

  • Weekly Lesson Plan

    Author: Redleaf Press
    Product Code: 150291
    ISBN: 9781933653792

    Description & More Details

    Prepare your preschool classroom’s curriculum and display it for parents to see. Organize, plan, and track the week’s learning centers, reading activities, and more, and keep parents informed on what their children are learning. Each tablet has 55 forms—a year’s supply.

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