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Gigi Schweikert


Gigi Schweikert is a popular speaker at early childhood conferences and parenting seminars. She is the author of several books, contributes to early childhood periodicals and journals, including Children and Families, eFamily News, Northwest Baby & Child, Cricket Magazine, and Child Care Information Exchange. Gigi hosted a cable television show, Today's Family, and directed the United Nations Early Childhood Program in New York City and developed the Johnson & Johnson System of Family Centers. Her other clients include Prudential, Community Bible Study International, Bank of America, Merck, IBM, Genentech, and SC Johnson Wax.

Gigi Schweikert's Books

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  • Being a Supervisor: Winning Ways for Early Childhood Professionals

    Author: Gigi Schweikert
    Product Code: 542454
    ISBN: 978-1-60554-245-4

    Description & More Details

    Published by Redleaf Press free sample chapter

    This professional development workbook, part of the Winning Ways for Early Childhood Professionals series, helps recently promoted classroom teachers transition from guiding young children to supporting and supervising staff members. Whether you are a recently promoted supervisor or you work with educators in professional development workshops, Being a Supervisor is an effective tool to help enhance and improve leadership skills. It covers eight supervisory skills: admitting the role of supervisor, helping adults succeed, creating a culture that encourages input and allows for mistakes, motivating adults through delegation, communicating honestly, following through, staying connected, and setting the tone. Using this workbook will encourage, empower, and equip the new supervisor with the knowledge and confidence that is needed to work effectively with other adults.

    112 pages

  • Supporting Positive Behavior (Set of 3)

    Authors: Gigi Schweikert, Jeniece Decker, Jennifer Romanoff
    Product Code: 542300
    ISBN: 9781605542300

    Description & More Details

    Published by Redleaf Press

    The foundation for positive behavior begins before a child enters the classroom. Properly preparing the environment can help young children make good behavioral choices from the moment they walk through the door. Learn to use age appropriate design to promote engagement, encourage exploration, and allow for movement. This easy to use workbook also teaches you to create routines that allow children to make good choices, assess whether your expectations of the children are appropriate, and be proactive in preventing behavior issues.

    80 pages.

  • Responding to Behavior (Set of 3)

    Authors: Gigi Schweikert, Jennifer Romanoff, Jeniece Decker
    Product Code: 542317
    ISBN: 9781605542317

    Description & More Details

    Published by Redleaf Press

    Children learn what is acceptable and what is not by testing the behavioral boundaries. One of the most important goals in the early childhood classroom is helping children learn appropriate social norms and self-control. Even with an environment and routine to promote positive behavior, children will make inappropriate choices. Discover ways to model good choices for children and use positive classroom management to help children develop appropriate behavior.

    3 Softbound workbooks, 80 pages each

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