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Margie Carter


Deb Curtis and Margie Carter

Margie Carter has worked in the early childhood field as a teacher, director, college instructor, author, coach, and consultant for nearly 50 years. Together with Deb Curtis she has co-authored eight books and traveled widely across the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand to offer presentations. Margie's work challenges us to expand our thinking about what children, families, and early childhood staff deserve in our programs. She works to ensure that all quality enhancement efforts are focused on reflection, not just compliance.


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Margie Carter's Books

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  • Thinking Big DVD

    Authors: Margie Carter, Sarah Felstiner, Ann Pelo, Margie Carter
    Product Code: 319901
    ISBN: 319901

    Description & More Details

    Extending Emergent Curriculum Projects

    40% discount tag

    See how to turn themes emerging in children's play into in-depth projects. This program shows how children represent their ideas through a variety of art media and how documentation can extend a project and make children's learning visible.

    22 minutes; closed-captioned

    7 units available Add to Wishlist Add to Cart Qty:    $36.00
  • To See Takes Time DVD

    Authors: Margie Carter, Harvest Resources, Margie Carter
    Product Code: 320001
    ISBN: 320001

    Description & More Details

    Growing Curriculum From Children's Theories

    40% discount tag

    Learn with Reggio-inspired child care teachers as they probe to discover their young students' questions and theories, offer a range of art media and experiences in order to explore these questions and theories, and involve the students' families.

    28 minutes; closed-captioned

    4 units available Add to Wishlist Add to Cart Qty:    $36.00
  • Time with Toddlers DVD

    Authors: Margie Carter, Kidspace Child Care Center, Margie Carter
    Product Code: 320011
    ISBN: 320011

    Description & More Details

    Training for Caregivers

    40% discount tag

    Toddlers rush headlong into life. With numerous examples of typical toddler behavior, this captivating program looks at toddler development and recommends some caregiver practices. A useful training guide offers suggestions for follow-up discussions and activities.

    22 minutes; closed-captioned

    10 units available Add to Wishlist Add to Cart Qty:    $36.00
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