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Debby Cryer is a scientist at FPG Child Development Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ?Dr. Cryer has taught in and directed a variety of early childhood programs and written about early childhood program quality for more than 20 years.

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  • Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale (ITERS), Revised Edition

    Authors: Richard M. Clifford, Debby Cryer, Thelma Harms

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    123901 (Spiral bound)
    978-080774640-0 (Spiral bound)

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    Measure the quality of your infant and toddler program with this easy-to-use evaluation instrument. The rating scale evaluates personal care routines, furnishings, language, fine- and gross-motor activities, creative activities, social development, and adult needs. Identifies areas where quality is already high as well as identifying where improvement is needed. Useful for new programs, staff training, and pre-accreditation evaluation.

    80 pages

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