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First Things First: Creating the New American Primary School
Author: Ruby Takanishi
Price: $22.37
Challenging policymakers, educators, reformers, and citizens to replace piecemeal reforms with fundamental redesign, First Things First! calls for a different way of organizing the American primary school. Ruby Takanishi outlines a new framework for...
Next Step Forward in Guided Reading: An Assess-Decide-Guide Framework for Supporting Every Reader
Author: Jan Richardson
Price: $36.37
In this resource-rich book, you’ll find all the planning and instructional tools you need to teach guided reading well, from pre-A to fluent, organized around Richardson’s proven Assess-Decide-Guide framework, 29 comprehension modules that cover esse...
Incredible 5 Point Scale: The Significantly Improved and Expanded Second Edition; Assisting Students in Understanding Social Interactions and Controlling their Emotional Responses
Price: $13.97
Assist students in understanding social interactions and how to control their emotional response. Using the same practical and user-friendly format as the first edition, Buron and Curtis let readers benefit from work done with the scales over the pas...
What's So Great about Art, Anyway?: A Teacher's Odyssey
Author: Rachel Branham
Price: $16.07
Inviting readers to examine schools and teaching with a critical lens, this visually and conceptually captivating graphic novel advocates for arts education in schools. At the center of this work is the author's memoir as a young high school art teac...
No Biting Trainers Set
Price: $44.95
Take the time and guesswork out of preparing an effective, high-quality training on strategies and solutions to toddler biting. 200 pages + CD-ROMAge focus: 0–3
The Most Important Year: Pre-Kindergarten and the Future of Our Children†
Price: $18.17
With engrossing storytelling, journalist Suzanne Bouffard takes us inside some of the country's best pre-K classrooms to reveal th sometimes-surprising ingredients that make them work. Hardcover, 272 pagesAge focus: 2–4
Giving Children More Languages
Price: $24.00
Inspired by the practices of Reggio Emilia, this presentation includes images of infants through school-age children from programs around the United States. Best-selling authors Deb Curtis and Margie Carter have created this CD-ROM PowerPoint pr...
Learning Through Play
Created by: Siren Films
Price: $69.97
The insightful narrative and attentive filming thoroughly explores how, through careful observation of children at play, you can gain a deeper understanding of their interests and how they learn best. DVD, Running time 30 minutes.
Parent-Friendly Early Learning: Tips and Strategies for Working Well with Parents
Author: Julie Powers
Price: $16.07
Are you sick of struggling with parents of children in your care? Are you dreading upcoming conferences or wishing you knew how to approach a difficult topic? Parent-Friendly Early Learning will help you turn parent worries into warm, confident re...
Play: The Foundation that Supports the House of Higher Learning
Author: Lisa Murphy
Price: $13.97
Playing is vital to the social, physical, cognitive, and spiritual development of our children. Yet cries for more "academic preschools" and demands for "higher test scores" are forcing play out of many early childhood environments. This book will ...
From Parents to Partners: Building a Family-Centered Early Childhood Program
Author: Janis Keyser
Price: $20.97
Read a sample chapter and the table of contents from this book! Read a review of this book. Partnering with parents is essential if your early childhood program is to succeed. From Parents to Partners explores the reasons and methods f...
Divorce is the Worst
Price: $11.87
Seeing divorce from the child’s perspective, Divorce is the Worst, is an invaluable tool for families and educators to help children address this complex experience. Help children find their own way to cope and grow when facing common childhood cri...
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