PLAYBook Set

The PLAYbook: Everyday Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers with Resources includes:

12 Monthly Theme-Based Manuals| 1 Teacher's Guide
52 Read-Aloud Books |3 Music CDs

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NEW! A definitive curriculum, specifically designed for infants and toddlers

Watch the exclusive video of author Terrie Rose, and the executive director of Baby’s Space, Debbie Lund, discuss the benefits of PLAYbook curriculum:

2 Free Weeks of Curriculum

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Included in PLAYbook’s monthly manuals are:

  • Lesson plans and activities that are fresh and creative

  • Weekly schedules and supply lists that make it easy for you to begin each week with confidence

  • Small- and large-group activities designed for children’s growing developmental abilities

  • Learning objectives and documentation that support observing and recording developmental progress

  • Master reproducibles for all activities

  • Teacher topics and guidance that keep the what, why, and how easily accessible

  • Parent-engagement activities and other strategies that help children develop


“We trust Dr. Terrie Rose’s PLAYbook: Everyday Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers to help scaffold our children’s intellectual and emotional needs. This curriculum makes our job as educators and advocates easier by supplying step-by-step activities that we know will be developmentally appropriate while holding relationship at its core.”

—Aleesa Novy, early childhood program coordinator, Steve O’Neil Apartments, Duluth, MN

“An excellent resource for our classrooms. It has guidance, support, and direction that’s beneficial to teachers, both new and experienced. Our families love it too!”

—Rachelle Mengarelli, LCMFT, infant and toddler mental health specialist, Family Resource Center, Pittsburg, KS

With PLAYbook, you will look forward to each day of teaching, and every child will begin life with a love for learning and the confidence to succeed. Order yours today!

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#546210 | Includes 12-month Infant-Toddler Curriculum and Teacher’s Guide with 52 Read-Aloud Children's Books and 3 CDs

PLAYbook Manuals and Teacher's Guide
#546209 | Incudes 12 Month Infant-Toddler Curriculum and Teacher's Guide ONLY