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Celebrate! An Anti-Bias Guide to Enjoying Holidays in Early Childhood Programs

Celebrate! An Anti-Bias Guide to Enjoying Holidays in Early Childhood Programs

Author: Julie Bisson
Product Code: 172401
ISBN: 978-188483432-5
Format: Softbound
Publisher: Redleaf Press®
Softbound $19.95 Qty: 

Can your classroom celebrate holidays respectfully? Can holidays be fun anymore? Yes and yes! Celebrate! is filled with strategies for exciting holiday activities that are unbiased and developmentally appropriate. Chapters include Developing a Holiday Policy, Selecting Holidays, Addressing Stereotypes and Commercialism, and Evaluating Holiday Activities. The book also tells how you can involve families. Age Focus: 3-6. Softbound, 176 pgs.

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Review by: Stacey York - August 2, 2011
Julie Bisson tackles one of the most controversial and explosive aspects of multicultural education. She brings clarity and insight to the role of holidays and celebrations in early childhood programs. She answers the complaint 'What am I supposed to do instead?' Her suggestions and real-life examples help us envision a new way of celebrating with children and families. Celebrate! is a much needed, long awaited addition to my bookshelf. It should be on every teacher's wish list and in every program's resource library.
Review by: Louise Derman-Sparks - August 2, 2011
Celebrate! provides the tools for addressing the 'holiday question' in new, creative, and effective ways. Holidays matter deeply to people, and this book will help you involve children, families, and teachers in incorporating holiday activities within an anti-bias approach. If you have the courage, commitment, and persistence, this book will help you make it happen!
Review: MultiCultural Review - August 2, 2011
Multicultural programs in schools, especially for the youngest students, have been criticized for an excessive focus on holidays. This emphasis on holidays has often perpetuated stereotypes or, at the very least, crowded out a more meaningful understanding of diverse cultures. Bisson's book seeks to present a more in-depth experience of holidays from diverse cultures, with developmentally appropriate activities so children from all backgrounds can enjoy these events.
Review: Multicultural Education Magazine - August 2, 2011
Celebrate! does an excellent job of presenting the meanings and purposes of holidays in our lives and in the lives of children. The author looks at the problems with the approaches to handling holidays that can be seen in current curriculums. Innovative and important steps are then put forth the help provide the approach to holidays in individual programs and classrooms. Early childhood educators are given practical information to assist them in making sound decisions regarding holiday programming in various childhood programs.
Review: Young Children - August 2, 2011
Although designed for teachers, Celebrate! is not a collection of activities but a framework for assessing and developing a holiday policy for early childhood programs while preserving a holiday's magic, family and cultural roots, and special meaning. The chapters give ideas for rethinking holidays, such as how to evaluate your own situation, and strategies for incorporating holidays into your program, such as their selection and role in the curriculum. Inevitable issues of religion, stereotypes, commercialism, and families who don't celebrate are covered.
Review: Early Childhood Today - August 2, 2011
Looking for respectful, anti-bias approaches to celebration holidays in your early childhood program? This comprehensive resource will help you reflect on and understand the sensitive issues that surround holidays. Celebrate! by Julie Bisson, an early childhood trainer and specialist in anti-bias education, also provides insights and guidance on developing holiday policy and implementing culturally and developmentally appropriate holiday activities.
Review by: Raquel Ary-De Rozza, Chaffey College - August 2, 2011
I do recommend this book to my students as I feel it has many relevant and excellent points to make about the importance of showing children and families that we honor traditions and the diverse ways we can celebrate them with the families in our lives. I think every school can use these ideas!
Review: Creative Classroom - August 2, 2011
Don't stress over how to celebrate holidays in your kindergarten and first-grade classroom. Order Celebrate! from Redleaf Press to learn how to address sensitive issues surrounding holidays in new, creative ways. You'll acquire knowledge about how to develop a holiday policy, select holidays to celebrate, and evaluate the activities, while meeting the needs of families who don't celebrate.

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