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Saving Play: Addressing Standards through Play-Based Learning in Preschool and Kindergarten

Saving Play: Addressing Standards through Play-Based Learning in Preschool and Kindergarten

Authors: Gaye Gronlund, MA, Thomas Rendon
Product Code: 545301
ISBN: 978-1-60554-530-1
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Published by Redleaf Press New Product

See how learning standards and high-quality play can work together

Play, academics, and standards can work together with the right strategies and support from educators. Take an active role in child-directed play to guide learning. Become a strong advocate for saving play in early childhood education. In addition to the Common Core Standards, learn how child-led, open-ended play addresses learning domains, such as approaches to:
  • Learning
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Physical development

This book is full of research and resources that link academic learning and play experiences. Use the provocative questions for teachers and administrators to effectively share the importance of play in early learning with others, and help restore play to its proper role as both fun and educational.

Age focus: 3–6.

Softbound, 288 pgs.

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Review by: Walter Drew, Co-Author of From Play to Practice - February 6, 2017
"A brilliant piece of work! Best, most inspiring new thinking that makes the connection between play, research, and early learning standards clear and compelling. Powerful insights answer the question 'How do I as a teacher use what children do best to help them gain essential concepts and skills needed to succeed in school and life?' Tom Rendon and Gaye Gronlund have set the foundation for putting play right at the heart of the curriculum and high quality professional development like no other book I have read!"
Review by: Roberta Michnick Golinkoff, University of Delaware, author of Becoming Brilliant - January 5, 2017
"Saving Play is a delightful book—using research and written by an administrator and a practitioner—a great combination. Who says play is antithetical to learning?  Even learning based on standards. Rendon and Gronlund show us how play is integral to helping children learn, and not just an extra that gets thrown in for 10 minutes between 'learning activities.' Playful learning is essential to helping children think, learn, and remember. Bravo for bringing these important ideas to life!"
Review by: Elizabeth Jones, Pacific Oaks College - December 28, 2016
"A timely survival guide. This wonderfully challenging, readable book invites us to sharpen our perceptions of a whole range of state and national standards and to share responsibility for explaining them to teachers and parents and the public. As a standards-resister myself, I've just been won over.  Read this book!"

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