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Tom Copeland


Tom Copeland is a renowned tax and child care business specialist. A licensed attorney, Tom graduated from Macalester College (BA) in 1972 and from William Mitchell College of Law (JD) in 1980. He trains thousands of family child care providers, trainers, and tax preparers each year on important business issues, including record keeping, taxes, marketing, contracts, and legal issues. Tom is also the author of many books and resources for family child care providers. Currently, he is a consultant for the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC).

In 2003, he won the Friends of NAFCC Award from the National Association for Family Child Care. In 1998, he won the Child Care Advocate of the Year award from the Minnesota Licensed Family Child Care Association. He has represented numerous providers in IRS audits and has won three US Tax Court cases. In 2003, the IRS issued Revenue Procedure 2003-22 that allows family child care providers to use a standard meal allowance rate to claim food expenses. Tom was the author of the proposal that led to this rule.

Stay updated on Family Child Care business issues with Tom Copeland's blog at www.tomcopelandblog.com, email Tom Copeland at tomcopeland@live.com

Tom Copeland's Books

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  • Family Child Care Inventory-Keeper: The Complete Log for Depreciating and Insuring Your Property

    Author: Tom Copeland
    Product Code: 107001
    ISBN: 978-188483476-9

    Description & More Details

    This easy-to-use log enables you to track furniture, appliances, and other property you use in your business. Once identified, these items can be depreciated as a business expense and stored with photographs for insurance purposes. Softbound, 64 pgs.

  • Family Child Care Legal and Insurance Guide

    Authors: Tom Copeland, Mari Millard
    Product Code: 108501
    ISBN: 978-192961045-7

    Description & More Details

    Protect yourself and your business with legal and insurance strategies designed specifically for family child care providers.

    The Family Child Care Legal and Insurance Guide takes the intimidation out of running a family child care business by helping you with legal and insurance planning. From researching and purchasing insurance to protecting against lawsuits, family child care expert Tom Copeland details the many practical ways you can maximize your knowledge about the safeguards needed to ensure the health and prosperity of your business.

    Major chapters cover basic strategies for reducing your risks and researching, understanding, and purchasing insurance for your business and your family, including health, disability, and life policies. Other important topics discussed include:

    · managing specific risks such as preventing child abuse and neglect, caring for sick and injured children, and complying with ADA requirements
    · handling legal issues such as custody disputes between parents, privacy and confidentiality, and housing restrictions
    · finding and using a lawyer

    Includes a list of organizations and resources that help you research your options, as well as a sample transportation policy and business liability insurance checklist. An ideal resource for both beginning and experienced providers. Softbound, 230 pgs.

    "I think this book is wonderful and should almost be a requirement for any person in the child care business. I don't feel people realize what they are getting into when they start up in this business, and it sure can be overwhelming."
    - Wendy Hahn, family child care provider, Madison, Wisconsin

    Read a sample chapter of this book!

  • Family Child Care Contracts and Policies, 3rd Edition

    Authors: Tom Copeland, Deloris Friske, Beth Mork
    Product Code: 107501
    ISBN: 978-192961079-2

    Description & More Details

    Read the Table of Contents or a sample chapter of this book!

    This third edition of Family Child Care Contract and Policies is completely revised and expanded. A business classic, it offers the most up-to-date tools you need to establish and enforce contracts and policies and to demonstrate provider professionalism.

    Family Child Care Contracts and Policies explains:

    • How to establish good business relationships with parents
    • What to look for before signing contracts with parents
    • The vital information to include in contracts and policies
    • How to prevent conflicts with parents
    • When and how to end a contract

      • Family Child Care Contracts and Policies offers expanded and updated information on:
        • Handling rates, late payments, and other fees in your contract
        • Resolving disputes with clients
        • Enforcing your contract
        • Writing comprehensive policies
        • Terminating a contract

        Softbound, 168 pgs.

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