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Wisteria Jane

Named after her mother's favorite flower, Wisteria Jane is a spunky little girl who sees the world in her own special way. Her days are filled with adventures, giggles, bumps, bruises, and some important life lessons.

Wisteria Jane

Bingo Did It!

In her second adventure, the mostly sweet, but sometimes sour, Wisteria Jane Hummell returns with her dog Bingo for more fun and mischief. When Momma's teacups get broken, Wisteria blames Bingo, but is it the right thing to do? Wisteria learns a lesson in taking responsibility, one that other children
can relate to.

Bingo Did It!

Kimmy's Marvelous Wind-Catching Adventure

Kimmy's got gumption—not that she knows that. What Kimmy knows is that she wants to make her very own kite, even though everyone around her says she can't do it. Despite any doubt, Kimmy sets her sights as high as the sky.

Kimmy's Marvelous Wind-Catching Wonder

When You Just Have to Roar!

Ms Mya's classroom just isn't clicking.
Jamilla is jumping. Masha is making
a mess. And Reese is roaring like
a lion for no reason at all.
As the
day quickly fills with commotion,
Ms. Mya knows just what to do.

A Teacher's Promise

Noah Chase the Wind

Noah is different. His autism means he sees, hears, feels, and thinks in ways that others do not always understand. Sensitive and perceptive, he asks questions, and he doesn't stop asking until he knows the "why" of nearly everything. But there's one question Noah has not been able to answer, "Where does the wind go?"

Noah Chases the Wind

A Teacher's Promise

In every classroom, there is a person
who cares about the way children learn,
grow, and feel—the teacher! The affirming
verses and fanciful illustrations in A Teacher's Promise express what all teachers wish for the children they teach—that they develop self-confidence, perseverance, curiosity, and an enjoyment of learning.

A Teacher's Promise
Mama's Gloves
Evette's Invitation
Bree Finds a Friend
The Amazing Erik
Rita and the Firefighters
All in One Day

Early Experiences Set

These charming stories feature loveable characters facing situations that children might experience daily—from the challenge of entering play with other children to the separation anxiety they sometimes feel when apart from a parent. Fun to read and beautifully illustrated!