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Kirsten Dennis


Kirsten Dennis has fifteen years of experience in working with young children and has successfully integrated American Sign Language (ASL) into her curriculum for hearing students for the last ten years. She received her masters of arts in education and child development from Pacific Oaks College in Seattle, Washington. Her master's thesis focused on the use of ASL in the early childhood classroom. Kirsten and Tressa Azpiri coauthored Sign to Learn—a fun, easy-to-use curriculum for early childhood teachers to begin signing in their classrooms. She currently teaches kindergarten in the small, rural community of White Salmon, Washington. Publications: Sign to Learn: American Sign Language in the Early Childhood Classroom(Redleaf Press, 2005)

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  • Sign to Learn: American Sign Language in the Early Childhood Classroom

    Authors: Kirsten Dennis, Tressa Azpiri
    Product Code: 413001
    ISBN: 978-192961069-3

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    Everyone is talking about signing with young children. As a form of early communication for infants and toddlers, or as a transitioning tool for children just beginning to speak, the benefits of signing with hearing children are endless.

    Sign to Learn is the first complete introduction to sign language curriculum for hearing preschoolers. In this unique resource, you will learn how to integrate American Sign Language (ASL) into your classroom to enhance the academic, social, and emotional development of children, and how to respectfully introduce children to Deaf culture.

    This comprehensive, fully illustrated curriculum contains captivating activities and lesson plans grouped by themes, including feelings, food, seasons, animals, songs, and families. Sign to Learn also contains strategies for using sign language with children with special needs and in multilingual classrooms; it also describes how ASL can assist you in developing a literacy program and in managing your classroom.

    Information-rich appendices include a thorough ASL illustration index, sample letters to families, and resources for further reading. Age Focus: 0-6. Softbound, 208 pgs.

    "Sign to Learn will enable other hearing teachers without a sign language background to begin implementing the beautiful and visual language of ASL and to begin understanding Deaf culture with a fresh, innovative perspective."
    -Billy Seago, Director, Deaf Youth Drama Program, Seattle Children's Theatre