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  • Those Mean Nasty Dirty Downright Disgusting but . . . Invisible Germs/Esos desagradables detestables sucios completamente asquerosos pero . . . invisibles germenes

    Author: Judith Anne Rice   Illustrator: Reed Merrill
    Product Code: 181601
    ISBN: 978-188483431-8

    Description & More Details

    Encourage good health habits in children with this delightful book. Playful and colorful illustrations show the germs that cause illness and the importance of hand washing for good health. It includes health information for teachers and caregivers. Bilingual English/Spanish. Age Focus: 3-8. Softbound, 32 pgs.

    "The prevention of infectious disease transmission begins with our children. Teaching them how to wash their hands and why it matters in a world of germs is an important step in that prevention effort. Those Mean Nasty Dirty Downright Disgusting but...Invisible Germs is an imaginative and fun tool that every parent, teacher, child care provider, or public health practitioner should incorporate into their program."
    -- Michael T. Osterholm, PhD, MPH; state epidemiologist and chief of Minnesota's Acute Disease Epidemiology Section

    Thank you for this great way to present germs!"
    -- Diana Vineyard, Head Start Health Facilitator, Hatch Valley Public School

    "[Those Mean Nasty Dirty Downright Disgusting but.Invisible Germs] has become one of the most useful tools to promote good handwashing in child care settings that I am aware of."
    -- Caroll M. Niewolny, PHN, MSN

    "Lessons on preventing colds are couched in imaginative stories of a child's encounter with five potentially infectious germs. A blend of black and white photos (of the child) and whimsical drawings (of the germ contenders) contrast facts about cleanliness with basics on disease prevention for a wide range of young picture book followers."
    -- The Bookwatch

    "This children's picture book offers a novel and imaginative way to teach the importance and technique of thorough hand washing."
    -- National Head Start Bulletin

    "This text addresses the need for prevention of infectious disease transmission for three- through six-year-olds. The book presents the topic of personal hygiene in a way that is appropriate and relevant to the abilities and motivational capacity of the young child."
    -- Journal of Dental Hygiene