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  • Redleaf FCC Curriculum Development Assessment Starter Set


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    544830 (Booklet Set)
    978-1-60554-483-0 (Booklet Set)
    Age Focus: 0-5

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    Published by Redleaf Press

    This sets includes one of each of the following:

    The Redleaf Family Child Care Curriculum Developmental Assessment Revised Edition
    This revised edition lays out the milestones and provides space to record the dates when the child begins moving towards, achieves, and finally masters milesones. It is a valuable and easy-to-use tool to record the child's development. Ten individual booklets.

    Age Focus: 0-5

    The Redleaf Family Child Care Development Assessment Guide Revised Edition
    This guide walks you through the process of using the assessment booklet with each child, and it provides tips to help you communicate your observations with families.

    Age Focus: 0-5

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