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Sharon Woodward is a partner in S&D Instructional Services. She has owned and operated a large preschool and licensed and provided support to family care professionals for over twenty years. She holds a degree in social work.

Sharon Woodward 's Books

  • Redleaf Family Child Care Curriculum Family Companion Revised Edition [10]

    Authors: Sharon Woodward, Sharon Woodward

    Product Code:
    544779 (Booklet Set)
    978-1-60554-477-9 (Booklet Set)
    Age Focus: 0-5

    Description & More Details

    Published by Redleaf Press

    The Redleaf Family Child Care Curriculum Faily Companion handouts provide families with an overview of The Redleaf Family Child Care Curriculum, Second Edition, and explains the way it benefits children's early learning and development. Ten indiviudal booklets. 12 pages each.

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