About the Author:

Judy Harris Helm is a national and international speaker and trainer on project work through her consulting company, Best Practices Inc. Her books include Young Investigators, Second Edition; The Power of Projects; and Windows on Learning, Second Edition.

Judy Harris Helm 's Books

  • Becoming Young Thinkers: Deep Project Work in the Classroom

    Author: Judy Harris Helm

    Product Code:
    755945 (Softbound)
    9780807755945 (Softbound)
    Age Focus: 3–8

    Description & More Details

    Continuing the exploration of project work in the author’s bestselling book, Young Investigators, Second Edition, this book is designed for preschool through primary grade teachers who know how to do project work but are ready to move to the next level. Focusing on how children become young thinkers, the book begins with mind, brain, and education science and instructional guidelines for all learning experiences, and then connects these to the rich foundation of the project approach.

    144 pages

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