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Grammy® Award Winner and two-time JUNO nominated singer/songwriter Jennifer Gasoi is one of Canada’s most acclaimed children’s performers and recording artists. Jennifer has a unique gift for writing and performing upbeat, intelligent, jazz and world based children’s songs that adults love too. The lyrics are clever, the melodies catchy, and the rhythms undeniably danceable. Jennifer’s ability to appeal to kids and adults alike is one of Jennifer’s most unique and endearing qualities. In addition to being an award-winning singer/songwriter and producer, Jennifer now adds the title of author to her impressive roster. She has collaborated with the award-winning book publisher The Secret Mountain, and illustrator Steve Adams, to produce a beautiful 48 page illustrated picture book and 12 song CD. Jennifer invites children to enter her musical world by teaching them about 12 different musical genres (calypso, klezmer, folk, jazz, blue-grass, Dixieland swing, Cajun, roots, doo-wop, gospel, blues and Cuban), about the history of these genres and about her songwriting process. This book is a fun, engaging and creative way to teach children about music from all around the world. Jennifer is passionate about living life to the fullest and creating music and live shows that reflect this passion. Through her music, she hopes to inspire kids and adults alike, to live from the heart, stay true to themselves and follow their dreams.

Jennifer Gasoi 's Books

  • Blue and Red Make Purple: A Musical Journey

    Author: Jennifer Gasoi

    Product Code:
    217795 (Book and Cd set)
    9782924217795 (Book and Cd set)
    Age Focus: 5–7
    Full Color

    Description & More Details

    This book with a CD of irresistible songs offers children the opportunity to discover the different colors of Gasoi's jazz-driven music, a melding of many styles including bluegrass, blues, Cajun, calypso, and klezmer. Notes highlighting the history, instruments and unique characteristics of each musical genre along with listening suggestions accompanying each song.

    48 pages

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