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Sage Foster-Lasser

Biography: Sage Foster-Lasser is a student at the University of Texas at Austin, where she majors in psychology. Upon the completion of her bachelor's degree, Sage plans to take time to travel and explore before moving on to pursue a graduate degree in some area of psychology. Sage enjoys exploring the outdoors, reading while snacking, and spending time with all of the wonderful people around her. Sage's loving family members, amazing group of friends and, last but not least, beloved golden doodle Nico help her grow happy every day.

Sage Foster-Lasser's Books

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  • Grow Happy

    Authors: PhD Jon Lasser, Sage Foster-Lasser
    Product Code: 823312
    ISBN: 9781433823312

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    Kiko is a gardener. She takes care of her garden with seeds, soil, water, and sunshine. In Grow Happy, Kiko also demonstrates how she cultivates happiness, just like she does in her garden. Using positive psychology and choice theory, this book shows children that they have the tools to nurture their own happiness and live resiliently. Includes a "Note to Parents and Caregivers" with information on how our choices and paying attention to our bodies and feelings affects happiness.

    Age focus: 4-8
    Hardcover, 32 pages.

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