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Suzanne A. Milbourne, Ph.D., is a social science researcher at the University of Delaware.

PhD Suzanne A. Milbourne 's Books

  • Cara's Kit: Creating Adaptations for Routine and Activities for Toddlers

    Authors: PhD Philippa H. Campbell, Alexis A. Kennedy, PhD Suzanne A. Milbourne

    Product Code:
    572483 (Spiral bound)
    9781598572483 (Spiral bound)
    Age Focus: 1–3

    Description & More Details

    To make sure all toddlers in your early childhood program are participating, learning, and thriving, you need to master the art of choosing and using effective adaptations. Practical solutions are in CARA's Kit: a guidebook and CD-ROM brimming with step-by-step ideas for adapting environments, activities, and materials for children 18 to 36 months.

    48 pages

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