About the Author:

Mike Gordon is a popular and award-winning cartoonist. He has produced over 500 cards for Hallmark and over 300 picture books. He lives in Santa Barbara, California.

Mike Gordon 's Books

  • Feelings Set

    Authors: Katie Douglass, Mike Gordon

    Product Code:
    982570 (Hardcover Book Set)
    982570 (Hardcover Book Set)
    Age Focus: 5–9
    Full Color

    Description & More Details

    Young children face many strong feelings, some of which can be difficult to handle. This series uses humor and compassion to show children how to help others—and themselves—feel better when dealing with challenging emotions. Lively art illustrates the stories with charm and energy. At the end of each book, a special section for adults presents ideas for helping children deal with feelings in healthy ways, as well as a list of recommended books for further reading.

    This set includes one copy of Feeling Angry, Feeling Jealous, Feeling Sad, Feeling Scared, Feeling Shy, Feeling Worried, and A Leader’s Guide: Everyday Feelings Series.

    6 Hardcover Children’s Books (32 pages each) & 1 Teacher’s Guide.

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