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Primo Toys is a London-based educational toy company founded by Filippo Yacob and Matteo Loglio, best known for creating the Cubetto Playset, an award winning wooden robot designed to teach children how to code using a tangible programming language that doesn’t use screens or literacy.

Filippo Yacob 's Books

  • Robotics for Young Children Set

    Author: Ann Gadzikowski   Created bys: Filippo Yacob, Matteo Loglio

    Product Code:
    545449 (Softbound Book Set)
    545449 (Softbound Book Set)
    Age Focus: 3-8
    Full Color

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    New Product

    This set includes one copy of Robotics for Young Children by Ann Gadzikowski—a user-friendly and accessible guide through 100 exciting hands-on computer science and engineering activities, and Primo Toy’s Cubetto—the Montessori approved coding toy for children aged 3+.

  • Cubetto Playset Coding Robot

    Created bys: Filippo Yacob, Matteo Loglio

    Product Code:
    412783 (Toy)
    635292412783 (Toy)
    Age Focus: 3 and up

    Description & More Details

    new product

    Cubetto by Primo Toys is the Montessori-approved coding toy for children aged 3+, powered by a tangible programming language made of colorful blocks. Children guide Cubetto through a series of maps and stories, and learn the basics of computer programming and STEM skills without the use of a screen.

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